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Our Projects

Explore our featured projects, showcasing our diverse expertise from critical infrastructure enhancements to advanced corporate technology solutions. Beyond these highlights, Filcom Technologies extends its services across all sectors, offering server installations, network maintenance, and more to clients in healthcare, hospitality, and various industries. Our comprehensive approach ensures tailored, innovative solutions for every challenge.

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Enova Partnership (2015 - present)

As an accredited contractor for IT and MEP works, Filcom Technologies has proudly partnered with Enova since 2015, delivering cutting-edge solutions for prestigious locations including Mall of the Emirates, Sharjah City Center, Ajman City Center, and Dubai City Center. Our collaboration focuses on enhancing operational efficiency and sustainability, reinforcing our commitment to excellence in infrastructure solutions across the UAE’s leading retail destinations.


Tata Consultancy Collaboration (2015-present)

Engaging with Tata Consultancy since 2015, Filcom Technologies has been at the forefront of managing outsourced projects for Du Telecom. Our role encompasses providing managed services and supplying a dedicated team of over 100 technical professionals, ranging from field technicians to Cisco Network Engineers. This partnership underscores our capability in seamlessly integrating skilled personnel to support complex telecommunications infrastructure and services, highlighting our adaptability and commitment to delivering exceptional results.



Aramex Network Cabling Infrastructure  (2018-2019)

In 2018-2019, we orchestrated a major network cabling infrastructure upgrade for Aramex, encompassing their head office and branches throughout the Emirates. This project significantly enhanced their operational connectivity, efficiency, and security, showcasing our capability in executing extensive technological improvements within a tight timeframe.


Alcatel Lucent France GPON Project for Du Telecom (2014-2017)

Between 2014 and 2017, Filcom Technologies partnered with Alcatel Nokia on a GPON project for Du Telecom. Our team successfully completed the installation of GPON fiber optic cables and active components in numerous high-rise buildings, facilitating the activation of Du services for consumers and subscribers. Deploying around 60 technicians, we demonstrated our expertise in handling complex telecommunications infrastructure, enhancing network capacity and service quality across urban developments.

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Du Telecom P101 and P201 Agreement

From 2008 to 2015, under a blanket agreement with Du Telecom for projects P101 and P201, Filcom Technologies took a leading role in supplying and installing comprehensive network cabling infrastructure. This extensive project covered Cisco network equipment setups, server and telecom room configurations, MEP works, and other critical components essential for telecom setups. Successfully completing thousands of site installations across the Emirates, we significantly contributed to expanding and enhancing Du's network capabilities, underscoring our proficiency in large-scale telecom infrastructure projects.


TECOM/Du Telecom Technical Staff Outsourcing

From 2007 to 2015, Filcom Technologies played a crucial role in an outsourcing partnership with TECOM/Du Telecom, providing a comprehensive staffing solution that included IT engineers, telecom support specialists, cabling engineers, executive secretaries, and field technicians. To support these extensive operations, around 100 vehicles were also supplied, ensuring seamless field service delivery. This collaboration demonstrated our versatility in offering both skilled manpower and logistical support, enhancing telecom services across the region with our multi-disciplinary team.

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Majid Al Futtaim CCTV Network Installation

In 2013-2014, Majid Al Futtaim tasked Filcom Technologies with a crucial security project, involving the installation of network infrastructure for over 2,000 CCTV cameras across Deira City Center Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Sharjah City Center Mall, and Ajman City Center Mall. This project significantly enhanced the surveillance capabilities and safety of visitors within these renowned shopping destinations, showcasing our capability to implement large-scale, advanced technology solutions effectively.


Siemens Head Office Network Installation

In 2007, Filcom Technologies undertook a comprehensive network infrastructure project for the Siemens Head Office in Dubai Internet City. Our responsibilities spanned the entire network cabling infrastructure and Cisco systems installation for approximately 350 workstations. Additionally, we handled telephony installation, server room setup, and provided ongoing support and maintenance. This project showcased our ability to deliver full-spectrum IT solutions and maintain high operational standards in a corporate environment, ensuring seamless connectivity and robust infrastructure for Siemens.

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Sentinel Towers Project with SIEMENS

In a pivotal collaboration with SIEMENS during 2007-2008, Filcom Technologies was tasked with the comprehensive installation of security and safety systems for the Sentinel Towers, two high-rise twin buildings. Our scope included the deployment of door access controls, CCTV cameras, fire fighting sensors, and Building Management Systems (BMS), ensuring the utmost security and operational efficiency. This project highlighted our technical expertise and capacity to manage intricate installations within significant architectural landmarks.


Etisalat Al Kifaf Cable Installation

During 2005-2006, Filcom Technologies undertook the Etisalat Al Kifaf project, managing the installation, testing, and commissioning of 5,000 UTP Cat7 cables, a pioneering initiative that introduced Cat7 technology to the UAE for the first time. Our comprehensive efforts included expert fusion splicing of fiber optic cables in IDFs and the meticulous installation of telecom cabinets and equipment. This project not only demonstrated our capacity for innovation and excellence in telecommunications but also established new industry benchmarks within the region.

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The Platinum Yacht Network Infrastructure

Between 2003 and 2004, Filcom Technologies, in collaboration with Siemens, spearheaded the network infrastructure project for The Platinum Yacht, owned by Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum, now known as The Dubai Yacht. This prestigious project marked the first and only Cat7e installation in the UAE at the time, utilizing high-quality products from Nexans. Our work encompassed the supply and installation of cutting-edge network infrastructure, setting a new standard for connectivity and technology in maritime luxury. This landmark project underscored our expertise in delivering exceptional, innovative IT solutions in unique environments.


Department of National Residency Dubai (DNRD) Cabling

From 2003 to 2005, Filcom Technologies led a critical infrastructure upgrade for the Department of National Residency Dubai (DNRD), managing the installation, testing, and commissioning of 6,000 UTP Cat6 cables. We proudly executed the supply and installation of structured cabling for all DNRD branches, including the pivotal Immigration Station at the Dubai-Oman border. This extensive project highlighted our unparalleled capability in delivering comprehensive cabling solutions, reinforcing our commitment to enhancing governmental operational infrastructure.

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RAK Free Trade Zone Infrastructure

In 2003-2004, Filcom Technologies was entrusted with a significant project at the RAK Free Trade Zone, overseeing the project management, design, supply, and installation of structured cabling systems for all buildings within the zone. This comprehensive project also included the critical task of designing and installing the main data center cables. Our role emphasized our expertise in creating foundational technology infrastructure that supports business operations, highlighting our ability to deliver complex and integrated solutions within key economic sectors.


Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations

In the span of 2002-2003, Filcom Technologies embarked on a major project for the Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations, handling the project management, supply, and installation of approximately 7,000 UTP nodes. This extensive network interconnected all buildings through multi-pair voice grade outdoor cables for telephony and 24 core fiber optic cables for data applications. Our comprehensive approach not only streamlined communications across the company's operations but also significantly enhanced data management capabilities, showcasing our proficiency in deploying advanced infrastructure solutions in critical industry sectors.

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EMAAR Villa Cabling System

In a remarkable feat during 2002-2003, Filcom Technologies set a new benchmark with EMAAR by efficiently installing, terminating, testing, and commissioning the structured cabling system for around 2,000 villas. This project demonstrated our unparalleled efficiency in executing extensive residential infrastructure projects swiftly, establishing us as leaders in rapid, high-quality technology deployments. Our collaboration with EMAAR exemplifies our commitment to delivering outstanding results within tight timelines.


Siemens Beirut Tunnel Infrastructure

In 2003, Filcom Technologies was entrusted by Siemens with key installations for the Beirut Tunnel project. Our team skillfully implemented CCTV cameras, fiber optic cables for both communication and environmental monitoring, fire-fighting equipment, and road safety signs across the tunnel's 1.6 km length. The installation of specialized fiber optic cables for humidity and temperature sensors further emphasized our commitment to ensuring the highest standards of safety and operational efficiency. This endeavor underlines our expertise in integrating sophisticated technologies within critical infrastructure projects.

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Bahrain Petroleum Corporation (BAPCO) Network Upgrade

For Bahrain Petroleum Corporation (BAPCO) in 2003, Filcom Technologies undertook a comprehensive project to overhaul the refinery's fiber optic network infrastructure. Utilizing specially designed fiber optic cables suitable for petroleum industry demands, our team managed the supply, installation, and meticulous termination throughout the facility. The project involved approximately 5,000 fusion splicings and the strategic distribution of 50 telecom cabinets across various IDF control rooms, including the main control room. This initiative significantly enhanced communication and operational capabilities within the refinery, showcasing our proficiency in executing specialized, large-scale infrastructure projects.


Aden Refinery Network Infrastructure, Yemen

In 2003, Filcom Technologies was pivotal in revolutionizing the network infrastructure at Aden Refinery, Yemen. Our team expertly designed and implemented a comprehensive fiber optic cable network, seamlessly connecting all 17 buildings within the refinery complex. In addition to laying the physical infrastructure, we also installed and configured the necessary active network components, ensuring optimal connectivity and communication across the refinery's operations. This project highlights Filcom's capability to deliver end-to-end network solutions, enhancing the technological framework of critical industrial facilities.

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Khaleej Times New Building Network Installation

In 2003, Filcom Technologies played a crucial role in establishing the network infrastructure for the new Khaleej Times building. Our responsibilities spanned from the initial design to the final testing and commissioning of the structured cabling system. The project involved installing around 2,000 network points and integrating 26 runs of multimode fiber optic cables, ensuring comprehensive connectivity throughout the facility. This endeavor not only demonstrated our expertise in complex cabling systems but also our commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable network infrastructure tailored to the needs of leading media outlets.


Bahrain Formula One Racetrack Network Design

In 2003, technology leader SIEMENS selected Filcom Technologies as a consultant for the Bahrain Formula One racetrack, entrusting us with the comprehensive study and design of its network infrastructure. Our task involved crafting the structured cabling blueprint for both data and telecom networks, alongside the setup for equipment interfacing and communication boards. This project emphasized our capability to deliver strategic, high-performance network solutions tailored for the high-stakes environment of Formula One racing, showcasing our expertise in supporting global sporting events with cutting-edge technology.

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Gulf News Office Network Upgrade

In 2000, Filcom Technologies was pivotal in enhancing the technological infrastructure at the Gulf News Editorial and News Office. Our comprehensive service package included the design, supply, and installation of approximately 5,000 UTP cables and 50 runs of multimode fiber cables, significantly improving network connectivity and capacity. Additionally, we successfully migrated and activated telephone lines for around 400 employees, ensuring seamless communication across the organization. This project underlined our ability to execute large-scale network upgrades, affirming our commitment to supporting media entities with advanced technological solutions.


SEWA Head Office Network Infrastructure

In 1999, Filcom Technologies undertook a landmark project for the Sharjah Electric and Water Authority (SEWA) by establishing the network infrastructure for their new head office building. This extensive project involved the installation of approximately 3,000 UTP Cat5e cables, laying the foundation for robust connectivity across the facility. A pioneering aspect of this project was the introduction of about 1,000 runs of blown fiber duct directly to desks, marking one of the first implementations of this technology. This innovative approach significantly enhanced network efficiency and future-proofed the infrastructure, showcasing Filcom's commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions in critical public sector environments.

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ADWEA Mussafah Substations Fiber Optic Project

In 1998, Filcom Technologies was commissioned for a pivotal project with the Abu Dhabi Water and Electric Authority (ADWEA) at the Mussafah substations. Our assignment entailed comprehensive fiber optic installations and terminations critical to the SCADA system's functionality. This early project in our portfolio showcased our adeptness in integrating sophisticated fiber optic technologies to bolster the operational efficacy and reliability of essential utility services, marking a significant contribution to the infrastructure of ADWEA.


DEWA Substations Fiber Optic Implementation

In our inaugural year, 1998, Filcom Technologies embarked on a critical infrastructure project with Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), focusing on the enhancement of their substations' connectivity. We successfully conducted fiber optic splicing, testing, and commissioning of the OPGW cables and SCADA systems for several key substations, including Jebel Ali to Emirates Tower, Oud Metha to Etisalat, and Oud Metha to Al Ghusais. This project was pivotal in ensuring reliable, high-speed communication links between DEWA's substations, showcasing Filcom's expertise in handling sophisticated fiber optic infrastructure from the outset.

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