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Growing since 1998

United in innovation, driving forward together

About Us

Empowering Future, Enhancing Lives

Founded in 1998, Filcom Technologies excels in delivering integrated technology solutions, partnering with giants like TECOM, Du and Siemens. Our portfolio spans Network Services to IT Outsourcing, embodying innovation and excellence. Rooted in the UAE, we've become pivotal in technology advancements, consistently exceeding client expectations and setting industry standards.

Our Journey

Since its inception in 1998, Filcom Technologies has charted a course of innovation and excellence, becoming a leading force in integrated technology solutions. Our journey is highlighted by groundbreaking projects and pioneering achievements. Notably, we played a key role in Dubai's digital transformation and were among the first to introduce fiber optic installation in the UAE, laying the foundation for thousands of network infrastructure projects.

Our expertise shone brightly with the Dubai Yacht project, where we designed and implemented the network infrastructure for one of the world's most luxurious yachts, setting a benchmark in maritime connectivity. This project, along with our comprehensive network infrastructure for EMAAR Properties and the turnkey network setup for the Aden Refinery, showcases our ability to deliver exceptional solutions across diverse environments.

Our enduring partnerships with industry giants such as TECOM, Du, Alcatel, Nokia, and Siemens underscore our relentless pursuit of technological advancement. Based in the UAE and extending our reach across the Gulf region, Filcom Technologies remains committed to using technology for societal progress, underscored by our dedication to sustainability and responsibility.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our Sustainability & Responsibility

 At Filcom Technologies, we intertwine sustainability and responsibility with our core operations, advocating for environmental stewardship and community well-being through our technology solutions. Our commitment extends to green practices and supporting vital social initiatives, underlining our belief in making a positive impact beyond business.
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