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Filcom migrates 2,200 du Subscribers in Jumeirah Village Circle

This April 2015, Filcom's GPON Team migrated a total of 2,200 subscribers in AMSA 1,2,3,4 and 5. These five buildings, located within the periphery of the Dubai Sports City and Dubai Motor City, serves as the official staff accomodation of Atlantis employees. Three (3) major activities were done by the Filcom GPON Team namely Fiber Optic Splicing, Cable Pulling and Migration. To achieve its targets, Filcom deployed more than doubled its GPON Team by hiring an additional 22 people who serve as Cable Pullers. Filcom also had to purchase ten additional Fusion Splicing Machines so that splicing could be simultaneously done in the MDF Rooms, FTRs and the residential apartments.

Filcom partnered with Alcatel Lucent International for the GPON Migration Project. Phase 1 of the Project was completed in January 2015. Phase is currently in progress.

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