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Fleet and Logistics

To enable it to fully support its growing operations in Dubai and the rest of the UAE.  Filcom Technologies LLC acquired a more spacious warehouse to better meet the increasing demands of its business.  The following are the descriptive details of our warehouse: 





The warehouse is strategically located at AL Quoz Industrial Area in Dubai, UAE.  The location was selected to enable it to support administrative operations at the main office of Filcom located at the third floor of the OASIS Center Mall.  It is also close to the Jebel Ali Port so that shipments from abroad can be processed and withdrawn immediately.  Situated nearly at the centre of Dubai's industrial activity, It is an ideal staging area for the most of the project sites of FILCOM which are located nearby.



The Filcom warehouse rest on approximately 5,800 square feet of concrete space enough to shelter its supply of cables, passive network components and enclosures among other.




The warehouse is fully equipped with the latest office equipment and complimented with the communications links such as landlines and internet connectivity.  It has a spacious reception area. training room, supervisor lounge, meeting room and office all located on the mezzanine floor. 


The warehouse storage area is provided with the storage and pallet racks so that stocks are properly piled and labelled for easy identification.  It also has an independent tool and equipment room where the valuable and sensitive cabling equipment such as testers are stored.



For proper monitoring of stocks and inventory levels, an actual physical count is done monthly under the supervision of the  Accounts Office.  Stock inventory cards are maintained and updated regularly to ensure that adequate stock levels on all items are available at all times.

Safety features:


The Filcom Warehouse has an alarm system that is connected direclty to the Dubai Civil Defense Headquaters.  It fully complies with all safety regulations required by the office of Civil Defense.



Filcom Technologies also maintains its own fleet of 58 vehicles which are used to support the daily operations of both its structured cabling and outsource team anywhere in the UAE.  Its vehicles undergo daily routine maintenance checks as well as monthly maintenance checks to ensure that these are road worthy and safe to  to drive. 


Over seventy (70) percent of Filcom technical team are holders of a valid UAE driving license not to mention the designated company drivers in its motor poll. This enables us to respond and deploy immediately to any site even on short notice.

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