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About us


Filcom Technologies LLC or "FILCOM" was one of the first structured cabling companies then in the existence in the Emirate of Dubai.  Organized in January 1998 by its founder and Managing Director  Joland Mendoza Maderazo, Filcom was envisioned to provide networking and cabling services as well as structural cabling system installation.  It is also offered professional assistance in all aspects of voice and data networking and premises infrastructure.


In 2002, Filcom embarked on an expansion to support its corporate clients in PBX, audio visual and CCTV technology. Serving organizations in every major industry.  Filcom was instrumental in helping clients achieve their business objectives by maximizing equipment performance, lowering the cost of their IT systems and delivering projects well within the forecasted time frames.  In 2003, FILCOM formally partnered with TECOM Investment (not known as Du-EITC) and executed most of its structured cabling projects.


From its original team of a little over ten IT professionals, Filcom has since grown to nearly 200 staff and employees.  FILCOM now and stands as one of the leading providers of ideal solutions in the Information Technology (IT) industry in terms of structured cabling, networking, security systems, fiber optics and telecom outsourcing.


Filcom has not only managed to identify the demand in the regional economy but has also become a leading enterpreneur in helping business successfully cope with its challenges over the years.  As an established leader in the design and execution of IT solutions, Filcom is recognized for its world- class service and unique business philosophy.


FILCOM's personalized customer approach result in solutions that meet the needs of customers.  Our careful attention to detail and project management expertise, as well as the exceptional leadership we provide, distinguishes us from competitors.  Our solutions are designed to provide tangible and verifiable benefits to our clients, including lower cost of ownership, faster time to value, and maximum return of investment.


Filcom Technologies L.L.C. is registered with the Dubai Economic Department (License No. 519294) is an ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management Systems), Certified Corporate Member BISCSI, registered with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) and accredited by Dubai Chamber of Commerce.





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